Welcome to Health Care Service Corporation’s Advocacy and Election Center web site – Health Care at a Crossroads. This is an educational and advocacy action site focused on important federal issues facing HCSC and upcoming elections.  Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is the largest customer-owned health insurer in the United States and the fourth largest overall. We serve approximately 12.4 million members through our four Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Unique Perspective

As the largest customer-owned company, HCSC offers a unique perspective on health care policy issues. Because HCSC is not driven by Wall Street demands, we are able to take a long view on the critical health care issues facing our nation. Some of the solutions needed to make our health care system sustainable may require generations before they demonstrate a return on the investments that must be made today. As a company, we are making those investments. We believe our nation also must make similar commitments to control costs, improve access and enhance quality.

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